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James and Laurentine

James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch
Filmmakers 'Food Matters' & 'Hungry For Change'

Hand-picked health & wellness docs, recipe videos & expert interviews.

No more wasting time scouring the internet for the latest film or obscure health doc. We've got you covered, bringing you the best of the best (and leaving the rest).

Ever since we started Food Matters back in 2007 to heal my father, we became convinced about the power of real food and the body's own innate healing capacity.

We saw firsthand that with access to solid information you can make better decisions for your health. It was through this experience that FMTV was born.

Go on, dig into a new documentary and expand your mind... start a juice cleanse... or learn how to make some fermented veggies at home!

It's all at your fingertips inside FMTV.


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The ultimate health-film library, at your fingertips!

Stay inspired on your health journey! Keep your finger on the pulse with most impactful documentaries, mind and body videos and amazing recipes to help you and your family achieve the best in health.

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Recipe videos for the whole family!

Never be short of ideas for a healthy juice, smoothie, meal or snack! Impress your friends and family with how good healthy can taste.

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Knowledge & inspiration from the best!

Imagine sitting on your couch and having a chat with Kris Carr or David Wolfe or Dr Mercola or Jon Gabriel... get up close and personal with extended interviews, insights, tips and recipes from the best.

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Available when, where and how you want it. Worldwide!

In the kitchen, on the couch or tucked up in bed. Take FMTV with you wherever you go on your phone, tablet, computer or TV. It's your mobile health buddy, wherever you live in the world!

  Exclusive content only on FMTV

Watch exclusive launches & access 70% unique content you can't find anywhere else!

Not every great film makes it to iTunes or Netflix or Hulu... Together, we're working with independent filmmakers the world over, bringing the greatest collection of high-quality unique health and wellness content to you inside FMTV.

  Cheaper than a green juice!

For the price of a green juice a month!

Yes, it's true... you can get unlimited access to FMTV to keep you inspired and on the path to better health for about the same price as a green juice a month!

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Previously watching these programs would have cost you hundreds of $s

Many of these amazing titles have only ever been available on DVD... Now you can watch them instantly on FMTV!


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Get instant access to a growing library of over 300 health & wellness
documentaries, expert interviews, recipe videos and more!


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"Thank you for THE most incredible resource available today. Our family is over-joyed to have found ‘our’ community." Jill
"My students loved the Hungry for Change movie and I'm looking forward to showing them Food Matters and many more. Thanks!!!" S Jurgens
"This is information that everyone should know! Thank you, thank you & thank you again for ALL of this information! I'm truly inspired! ♥" T Clark
"Absolutely first class site.....take it could save your life and maybe the quality of life of someone you love...blessings." Lynne
"I love this website! I’m already watching my diet especially the sugars and find the videos so inspiring!" Colleen
"I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying FMTV. Love it." Sandra

Questions? We have the answers!

Where can I watch FMTV?

FMTV is available wherever you have access to an internet connection! Simply log in with your username and password to access your account.

How does FMTV compare to NetFlix or Amazon Prime?

FMTV only contains the most impactful Food Matters approved documentaries, expert interviews, recipe videos, yoga & exercise content. The content on FMTV forms part of an interactive online health experience with over 70% unique content not available anywhere else!

Is there a limit to the number of videos I can watch?

No, there is no limit. You can watch as many videos, as often as you like.

Is FMTV available in my country?

Yes, FMTV is available worldwide with over 90% of the content licensed for streaming in every country!

Can I download films and watch them later?

FMTV is a streaming-only service so you’ll need access to the internet at all times. If you do, however, hit play, and it loads the movie completely, you can play it back i your browser offline as long as that window remains open.

Can I watch FMTV on my Television?

Yes! Simply connect your laptop, iPad or tablet to your TV via HDMI or similar cable and select the approbate source on your TV settings. If you have Apple TV you can mirror your screen up to your TV.

Can I download or print recipes or information from FMTV?

The recipes are available to view online. If you wish to print them, we suggest the following:

  • Selecting the text which you wish to print with your cursor.
  • Right button click the text and choose the ‘Print’ option. Within your printer settings, you should be able to tick ‘Selection Only’.
  • Alternatively, if you would like to format the text, right button click the text and select ‘copy’. Then open a new Word document or Text editor, right button click and select ‘paste’. You will then be able to print from here.
Can I share my login with my friends?

Your login is limited to 5 devices. Should you exceed this number, your account automatically goes into suspension and you will need to contact us to clear a device slot.

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