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Yoga Foundations - Hillary

Series: Yoga Foundations | Episode: 11 | Runtime: 6m 41s | Release date: 2008

This segment features: Hillary Rubin.

What is yoga? Hillary beautifully explains the amazing benefits of yoga and how it can be applied to any lifestyle.

Yoga Foundations with Hillary Rubin provides a healing program for anyone who is ready for personal transformation. In this series, you will study with an expert teacher who understands, from embracing her own diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, how to create a strong foundation and help you to evolve beyond your limitations

Hillary Rubin


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Louise Ochoa | 4 years, 2 months ago
Well I was really looking forward to learning something from Hillary and I have tried all the links to only keep repeating the same 1:17 min! Please fix this so we can enjoy our subscription
Team member | FMTV | 4 years, 2 months ago
HI Louise, sorry for the trouble. Some videos have trailers together with the featured video. For this instance, please click on the second small box just below the main video window, the one named 'Yoga'. Hit play button on the main video window to enjoy the film :) ~ Raziel

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