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Yoga for Stress Reduction

Runtime: 83m 53s | Release date: 2011

This class can help everyone, from those with normal, everyday stress to those grappling with more extreme anxiety or times of being overwhelmed. Hala Kouri guides you through this workout with her perspective as a psychotherapist who has helped hundreds of people deal with stress. The practices are geared toward teaching you how to shift from a fight-or-flight response into a relaxation response. You will also learn how to release stressful energy from your body and handle life's stressors with grace and ease.

Warm Up: targets tension in hips, legs and lower back
Standing Poses: foster groundedness and resilience
Free Movement: designed to shake off stress and rejuvenate the body
Cool Down: helps cultivate a sense of calm integration of the body, mind and spirit
Meditation A: how to self-regulate and find peace
Meditation B: how to deal with a stressful experience and let it go

Hala Khouri


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