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Yoga for Radiant Pregnancy - Third Trimester

Program: Yoga for Radiant Pregnancy | Episode: 3 | Runtime: 1h 01m | Release date: 2012

Join Hala as she goes through her second pregnancy with you in this comprehensive Yoga program. Hala has created specific practices for each trimester- each section includes a gentle warm up, more challenging poses to strengthen and support your changing body, restoratives to allow for deep rest and relaxation, and a meditation specific to what might be occurring at each stage of pregnancy. Hala artfully blends her expertise in yoga and mind-body psychology to create a practice that will nourish your body and all the changes it is undergoing, the ups and downs your mind can go through, and your spirit as you enter into one of the most profound life experiences possible.

In the third trimester, we focus on birth preparation as well as continuing to support your body to be strong and stable.



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