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FMTV - Twist & Flow

Twist & Flow

Series: Yoga Express with Nadia Narain | Episode: 4 | Runtime: 10m 22s | Release date: 2017

In this yoga class, Nadia will get you twisting and flowing in order to cleanse the body in 10 short minutes. These two particular movements have be shown to untangle and elongate our intestines that have been squashed after a day of sitting and lengthen and release contracted muscles, all which are known to hoard unwanted toxins. By twisting and wringing out stored tension while flowing through sun salutes, this practice will leave you relaxed and calm.

Nadia Narain


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Desna Bruce Walker | 6 months ago
Nadia, you give clear instructions, and the filming and angles are very good, but it is way too fast! I am not a beginner, but I find it very difficult to keep up with you and do the movements correctly and breath correctly. I am afraid of doing some injury to my body at this fast pace. How about slowing it down in the next series!
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Jasmin Habelito | FMTV | 5 months, 4 weeks ago
Hi Desna! You're absolutely right, it always is important to consider physical limitations when doing a yoga flow. Hope you also check out some of our yoga flow and find what suits you best. ~ Jasmin

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