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FMTV - The Perfect Human Diet

The Perfect Human Diet

Runtime: 87m 25s | Release date: 2012

The Perfect Human Diet is the unprecedented global exploration for a solution to our epidemic of overweight, obesity, and diet-related diseases - the #1 killer in America. This film, by broadcast journalist C.J. Hunt, bypasses current dietary group-think by exploring modern dietary science, previous historical findings, ancestral native diets and the emerging field of human dietary evolution - revealing for the first time, the authentic human diet. Film audiences finally can see what our species truly needs for optimal health and are given a practical template based on scientific facts.


Please be advised that although we feel there are important messages in this film, we also acknowledge that there may be conflicting ideologies that challenge beliefs. We like to encourage our viewers to do their own diligent research to determine which is the right approach for them as we regard nutrition and health as being highly individualized and not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Lane Sebring
Robb Wolf
Gary Taubes
Loren Cordain
Michael Eades
Barry Sears
Prof. Jean-Jacques Hublin
Dr. Jay Wortman
Leslie Aiello
Andrew Weil
Boyd Eaton
David Getoff


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MARY MAUCH | 1 week, 1 day ago
As a medical and nutritional profession (yes, I have 2 degrees), I appreciated your presentation The Perfect Human Diet. I was vegetarian for 12 years and vegan for 1 1/2 years. When vegan my triglycerides skyrocketed to 475. My functional medicine doctor at The Cleveland Clinic recommended a Keto diet. On the Ketogenic Diet I lost 65 lbs and my triglycerides dropped to 175, which is not perfect but significantly better. I am now faced a terminal lung condition. Since my new diagnosis I have gone, to raw vegan. So basically the point I am getting to is that life is a journey and everyone needs to do what is beneficial for their lifestyle. We are not all the same. I will do me and I want you to do you. Whatever is best for you. But let's remember to coexist and try not to lock ourselves into a lifetime commitment if we feel the need to change according to what life throws at us. As David Wolfe always says, " Have the greatest day ever, today!"
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Jasmin Habelito | FMTV | 1 week, 1 day ago
Thanks for sharing your story, Mary. Your positive outlook is inspiring, and may you have the greatest day ever, today! Sending you healing thoughts and prayers 🤗 ~ Jasmin
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Velina Stoianova | 2 weeks, 4 days ago
I absolutely do not resonate with the findings of the film, but I am grateful to FMTV for ensuring that a variety of topics and takes on the issue of physical, spiritual and mental health and wellbeing are posted here. It takes a degree of bravery to do that at times when the predominant view on what is "good" is strongly veered into a certain direction (in the same way that it was brave to embrace vegetarianism and Eastern philosophy in the Western World in the past). Thank you for the diversity and for making sure that no-one is made to feel like an outcast in here.
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Keto Bob-omb | 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Awesome movie. Loved the part with CJ Hunt and Dr Sebring walking through the grocery store.
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Iris Aguanta | FMTV | 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Glad to hear you loved the film, Keto! :) ~ Iris
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Karen Volkoff | 6 months ago
Vegans are a funny bunch. They preach love for the animals but will tear their neighbor down if they don't agree with them. :)
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Mario Humberto Rubí | 8 months, 2 weeks ago
WHAT THE HEALTH!!? I'm unsuscribing FMTV! This is so irresponsible and corruptive!
THERE IS a one-size-fits-all for the planet your grandchildren will live in!! shame on you!!
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Jasmin Habelito | FMTV | 8 months, 2 weeks ago
Hi Mario, thank you for commenting. We apologise for making you feel that way, our intention here at Food Matters TV is to host a collection of content with a range of dieting ideologies. By making this information available, we hope you can make an informed decision for yourself to which suits you best, as we believe there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to nourishing your body. Let me assure you that we've reviewed the content of this film as we do all our content. The filmmakers wanted to show the viewers the importance of anthropology and evolution to our diet and what we, as humans, have been eating for thousands of years. We appreciate your feedback and for being a part of the FMTV community. ~ Jasmin
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Jackie Rowledge | 10 months ago
It says we have carnivorous digestive tracts but we don’t. The big cats track is 8ft ours is30ft. Big cats have stronger digestive juices in their stomach to quickly process meat, we don’t. There is no fibre in meat or dairy and these foods being in our system contributes to colon cancer as the meat putrefies in our long digestive tract. Animals and humans are completely different in this regard. We weren’t built to eat meat, but I guess when times were tough we did eat it to survive.
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Jasmin Habelito | FMTV | 10 months ago
Hi Jackie! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and raising valid points. Hope you enjoy our other documentaries. Warmly, Jasmin ❤ 

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