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Sustainable Business, Economics, Finances, and Politics

Series: The Search for Sustainability Series | Episode: 10 | Runtime: 1h 12m | Release date: 2015

This segment features: Gabriel Cousens, Mike Adams.

What does a sustainable business model look like? What do businesses that are doing sustainable things on the planet look like? How profitable are they and how do they support you, your family, the environment and the future of the global community?

As most of us know, business, finances and politics largely determine the economics of our country, and most countries abroad. We must remember that most institutions are run by people, and that they too can be empowered by exploring sustainable business, economics and politics.

Nathan Crane
Johanna Sophia
Toby Hemenway
Nancy Meyer
Mike Adams
Rolf Winters
Tommy Wells
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
Don Tipping
Alisa Gravitz
David Sandoval
Paul Wheaton
Dave Hunter
Jill Winger
Charles Chen
Charlie Orme
David Warr
Blackhorse Shasta
Aton Edwards


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