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FMTV - Social Sustainability - Community Systems and Communal Living

Social Sustainability - Community Systems and Communal Living

Series: The Search for Sustainability | Episode: 5 | Runtime: 1h 5m | Release date: 2015

This segment features: Gabriel Cousens, Mike Adams, Sergei Boutenko.

What is true freedom? How do we reconnect with ourselves and each other in a way that nourishes society to the degree that social media never could?

Come and explore social sustainability through community systems, communal living, sustainable communication, and a new system infrastructure for society.

Nathan Crane
Mike Adams
Rolf Winters
Amanda Bramble
Anton Williams
Johanna Sophia
Blackhorse Shasta
DJ Caven and Alkameia Earth
John Roulac
Marjory Wildcraft
Jill Winger
Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Jacqueline Freeman
David Warr
Joshua Parke
David Sandoval
Bryan White
Dan Dagget
Sergei Boutenko
John Kohler
Paul Wheaton
Toby Hemenway
David Braden
Don Tipping
Matt Monarch
Steven Druker
Charles Chen
Kate & Mark Sorensen
Howard Story
Tommy Wells
Emerson "Casey" Jones
Rich Ruster
Alisa Gravitz
Sam Coffman
Nancy Meyer
Peia Luzzi
Aloka Nanda
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
Chireya Fox
Doug Simons
Charlie Orme
Patrick Pynes


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