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Sarah's Birth Story

Series: The Face Of Birth Stories | Episode: 5 | Runtime: 8m 1s | Release date: 2012

Birth Stories features 9 empowering birth stories from women who choose different models of care.

These individual birth stories are a must see for anyone expecting a baby, birth professionals or people who just love a good birth story.

Birth Stories features:

  • 9 short films of beautifully told Birth Stories (ranging in duration from 8 - 20 minutes).   
  • Empowering stories ranging from home birth to VBAC to elective caesarean.
  • Women of various ages, professions and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Discussion of different models of care: public hospital, private midwife, private obstetrician, birth centre & case-load midwifery in hospital home birth program.
  • Personal accounts of childbirth from an Actor, Doctor, Director, Shoe Designer, Student, Journalist, Aboriginal teachers assistant and Milliner.
  • A range of birth outcomes that can all be empowering.

Sarah Quinn


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