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Restful Slumber Tea

Series: Restoring Adrenal Health | Episode: 8 | Runtime: 10m 55s | Release date: 2010

This segment features: David Wolfe.

When adrenals are weak, sleep becomes even more important to recharge the body’s batteries. Unfortunately, many people with adrenal issues also have problems sleeping well. Chronic insomnia can lead to immune system weaknesses and can cause (or worsen) growth hormone deficiency and adrenal fatigue, contributing to premature aging. Poor sleep increases the chances of heart disease and obesity. Without enough REM sleep, we become forgetful, irritable and depressed. Getting to sleep on the earlier side of midnight, ideally by 10 p.m., is much more restorative for the adrenals than sleep that begins later in the night.

Reishi mushroom, when used over a long period of time, is a significant promoter of slow wave sleep. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, reishi contains triterpenoids which, when taken in high doses, can decrease anxiety and produce a sedative effect. Traditional Chinese medicine has long used reishi mushroom to oppose the physical effects of stress.

Schizandra is a bright red fruit that is a superior adaptogenic herb, historically used for longevity. Schizandra is one of the most important supertonic herbs, used widely in Asia and more recently in the West. It is a wonderful herb to increase inner power and to preserve youth. Schizandra is one of the few herbs that affects all of the Three Treasures —jing, qi and shen. For this reason, it is called the “quintessence of Chinese tonic herbs.”

Pearl Powderis a powerful shen stabilizer. This means it can relieve uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety, and tension. Pearl powder promotes sound sleep and is commonly used to prevent or overcome fatigue. Consistent use of pearl supports energy, vitality, and youthful appearance.

Pumpkin seed oil is rich in tryptophan. Tryptophan helped test subjects fall asleep faster with longer undisturbed sleep, which in turn creates better mental awareness during waking hours and a more enjoyable sex life. Dew Drops is an asparagus root formula designed to mobilize day-to-day energy as well as a heightened, immediate immune response at times of overwhelming stress, all while replenishing feminine yin essence.

Serves: 2

David Wolfe


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