FMTV - Q & A: Ty & Charlene Part II

Q & A: Ty & Charlene Part II

Series: The Quest For Cures Continues | Episode: 13 | Runtime: 1h 7m | Release date: 2015

Ty & Charlene Bollinger answer your questions (Part 2)

Ty Bollinger


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Zita Kalman | 7 months, 4 weeks ago
So much good information in both TTAC Q&A sessions! Very informative and useful, would heartily recommed even to those concerned about their overall health, not only about cancer. Huge thank you to Charlene and Ty for everything you do!
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Iris Aguanta | FMTV | 7 months, 3 weeks ago
Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback Zita! ❤ ~ Iris
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Robin Oudsema | 2 years, 1 month ago
Thank you for the huge variety of information that you share. I am so grateful you are not trying to push one diet over another, or one expert over another, this keeps my trust in you! Your attitude that we are smart enough to figure out what is best for us, is much appreciated! Please keep up the good work, God bless you!
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Ivory David | FMTV | 2 years, 1 month ago
Hello Robin, you're most welcome. We don't believe there is a one size fits all approach to the 'perfect diet' - everybody is unique and needs to eat accordingly. Listen to your body and what makes you feel good! ~ Ivory :)