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FMTV - Occupy The Farm

Occupy The Farm

Runtime: 89m 29s | Release date: 2014

Occupy The Farm tells the story of a community’ s fight to save public land for urban farming. When 200 farmers march to the gates of the last farmland in the urban East Bay near Oakland, they don't carry signs protesting University of California’ s plans to build a shopping center. Instead, they carry tents, tools, and 15,000 seedlings.

They clip the padlock off the gate and march onto the fields. What happens next will change the fate of the land and introduce a new strategy for activism. From tilling the soil and watering vegetables to police raids, from lawsuits to overflowing harvests, Occupy The Farm reveals a resourceful, creative, and determined community responding with direct action to a serious social need: access to healthy food.


Ashoka Finley
Anya Kamenskaya
Gopal Dayaneni
Kristof LaPeur
Effie Rawlings
David Grefrath
Keith Gilless
Nelson Lichtenstein
Jeffrey Romm
Cole Novotny
Amanda Burton
Damon Lisch
Eric Holt-Gimenez
Dan Siegel


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Tammy | 2 years, 7 months ago
Privatization of public services is a huge issue. They even created private interest in road infrastructure via a new tolling regime. Not food related, but related to how they are using the environment to sell a scheme that needs traffic congestion in order to be viable. It's nice to see people caring enough to fight for the public good. They're like a dying breed.
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Carol Wagner | 2 years, 7 months ago
As someone who lives in a food desert, I kept on hearing about the lofty ideal of urban farming; but what about in the beginning of this film, what about those thousands upon thousands of acres of deserted lots. It is all good to play David vs Goliath, but let's do something about the REAL change that is needed which is urban farming in real, actual deserted lots or other FREELY available areas in the actual urban jungle, home of the food desert!
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David | 1 year, 8 months ago
Amen. Think that is also a potential source. And should be planted out NOW!
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Jessika Jackson | 2 years, 7 months ago
Thank you for adding this! Been anxious to see it, as it happened 2 blocks from my home--and I supported this movement. (Many people indicated their support of the farm in our town of Albany by placing "We dig the farm" signs in their windows.) I remember waking up to helicopters in the early morning hours and and being so devastated to see all of the crops torn out and tents leveled. More recently Occupiers have tried to save the adjacent land on the Gill Tract by doing the same thing--breaking in and farming it. My 7 yr old daughter and I helped plant and water and attended a planning meeting, but soon our crops were pulled and floodlights and 24/7 security guards paced the fields. Now a GIANT cement monstrosity of senior living has been erected. It will be followed by a "natural" grocery store that our little town does not want nor need. (We have 5 amazing natural groceries very, very close by already (3 truly amazing independents, one Whole Foods, one TJs). This giant grocery that is overtaking the farm land is going to bring insane traffic and will pave over our only remaining green space--all for $$$ and a "natural" grocery that is so close to Whole Foods you couLd throw a rock and hit it. We need affordable food from farms--not products shipped from far away places in boxes and cans. I Dig the Farm! Save the Gill Tract!
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David | 1 year, 8 months ago
Sorry to hear but thanks for the update
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Jacinta | 2 years, 7 months ago
This film was both sad and inspiring. I feel it is time for us all to start taking a stand. We can each fight back in our own way ... stop buying from major food chains, for those of use with backyards start to grow our own food, share it with our neighbours, take back the rights that were eroded our own apathy and ignorance, start sharing these films and stories with friends and family. Thanks Food Mattters TV for bringing us such inspirational films and giving film makers a forum to allow us to see these types of films.
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Peggy Roberts | 2 years, 7 months ago
I loved this film! But the one thing that breaks my heart is that we have to fight so hard for anything "good"! What do people think we are going to do when we run all the farmers out? Kinda scary I think. But I do appreciate the efforts of these people and what they have achieved, a lot!
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Peg Lane | 2 years, 7 months ago
An absolutely amazing film and a wonderfully compassionate dedicated group of people. Because of those people and the support of the neighborhood, the farm became a legal reality.
I have been both a farmer and a member of the corporate world which I left because of the greed and the corporate blindness which went with it, which was swirling around me. Now at 73, I am back in college to finish the degrees that will allow me to teach people young and old alike the tools they need to live a better life. Part of which is that gardening for a sustained food source should be everyone's right and just how to do it. It was so wonderful to see all the young people joining in. We older people may have the wisdom because we have lived longer but we can not accomplish anything without the younger generations. It is our responsible help them help us spread that wisdom. Thank you so much for this documentary.
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Jennifer Reynolds | 2 years, 7 months ago
Love your thoughts. "We older people may have the wisdom because we have lived longer but we can not accomplish anything without the younger generations. It is our responsible help them help us spread that wisdom." Amen!!
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esther | 2 years, 7 months ago
wow! frightening, sad, enraging, unbelievable, inspiring, joy all at the same time....such dedication, continued vision, determination! Awesome team work.
Thank you for this film....wish it could be mainstream viewed!!! Should be aired in prime time!

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