FMTV - Peppermint Slice

Peppermint Slice

Series: Keeping it Real with Chef Shine | Episode: 9 | Runtime: 08m 32s | Release date: 2019

Consisting of three layers of mouth-watering real food ingredients, this slice is one that must be shared with friends and family. Instead of using fake coloring for the middle, I’ve chosen to use matcha powder instead.

Aside from creating a great green color, it also super-boosts this slice by adding health-supportive polyphenols, also known as antioxidants that support the biochemistry of your body in many healthful and helpful ways.

Chef Danielle Shine


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| 5 months ago
I'm not seeing where the additional coconut comes in on the first base. I see it in the recipe but not in the video

1 cup dried, desiccated coconut
1 cup teff flour
¼ cup extra virgin coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp un-hulled tahini
¼ cup rice malt syrup
4 tbsp virgin coconut oil
¼ tsp sea salt
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| 5 months ago
Chef Shines recipe for peppermint slice does not say how much tahini to use in this recipe; it appears she is using a tablespoon from what I can see from the utensil she is using.
Her measurements for the first two layers (to be put in the freezer to set) are given in cups but then for the final layer with the chocolate (to be melted)she switches to mils/grams....I am from the U.S. and do not use the metric system.
Hope you can give me the proper measurements so I can make this.
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| 5 months ago
At the time when I wrote my first post I just had the information from the video; I then saw the recipe but I still have my questions in another post
Thank you,
Kim L