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FMTV - Hormone Balancing Chai

Hormone Balancing Chai

Series: Herbs for Balance: Hormone Balancing Recipes | Episode: 9 | Runtime: 10m 48s | Release date: 2017

Not only delicious and comforting, Chai can be medicinal, nourishing for the body.

This recipe demonstrates two options so feel free to experiment with different herbs and spices. Both options impart a deeply earthy taste that pairs well with the chai spices.

Option 1: Make chai with donq quai; a wonderful hormonal tonic for menstruating and menopausal women that helps with estrogen dominance.

Option 2: This uses the potent medicinal mushrooms - pick between reishi or chaga mushrooms.

Magdalena Wszelaki


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Jennifer Ray Junkert | 8 months, 3 weeks ago
I Purchased the liquid Angela root ...How much of this would I use? In place of the powder
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Shirley Higgins | 1 year, 1 month ago
This looks delicious - would this be ok for children and men to drink if making a batch of the chai? If not what could I leave out? :)
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Ivory David | FMTV | 1 year, 1 month ago
Hello Shirley, whilst we suggest that this recipe is safe for the whole family to consume we do suggest to consider checking first with your healthcare provider for advice. Everybody is unique and might have some body reaction with the ingredients ~ Ivory :)

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