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Signature Green Smoothie

Exclusive on FMTV

Program: Food Matters Smoothie Recipes | Episode: 10 | Runtime: 3m 28s | Release date: 2016

This segment features: James Colquhoun.

Starting your morning with a green smoothie is an excellent way to feel reinvigorated, refreshed & ready to take on the day.

Serves: 1

Why it is good for you: 

Adding spinach, ‘the green element’, to your smoothie is a great way to get in those extra vitamins. High in vitamin A, C, E, K and bioavailable in iron, manganese, calcium and folate,  spinach is truly a powerhouse green that supports many functions of the body.

Discreet in flavor, the avocado in the smoothie is a little powerhouse on its own, and high in essential fatty acids (monounsaturated fats) a type of fat which is an integral cell function and synthesis of some important hormones. Not to mention, adding this fat into your smoothie helps you feel ‘fuller’ for longer and prevents those post-meal hunger pangs. 

We also wanted to say, "Fear not green smoothie newbies. This recipe does include bananas, cinnamon & dates for sweetness!". The combination of these ingredients makes for a delicious blend; not to mention all these ingredients are functional foods as well! Bananas are high in potassium and great for metabolic balance; cinnamon reduces blood pressure; and dates contain fiber!

James Colquhoun


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