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FMTV - Better Business: You Have the Power to Create Change

Better Business: You Have the Power to Create Change

Exclusive on FMTV

Series: Food Matters Live at Wanderlust | Episode: 15 | Runtime: 52m 00s | Release date: 2017

Want to know more about how our consumer choices can help transform the world?

Join Peppermint magazine editor-in-chief Kelley Sheenan, Natasha Ritz of Lush Cosmetics, and social enterprise slow clothing label slumwear108 founder Kim Pearce for this positive and uplifting talk about ethical business, consumerism and purchasing power. We don’t all need to quit our jobs, start our own companies and have massive social media followings to make a difference. Instead, learn how ordinary people can band together to have an extraordinary impact by using their dollars to vote for a better world.


Kim Pearce
Kelley Sheenan
Natasha Ritz


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