FMTV - How to Heal Yourself Naturally: 10 Steps to Wellness

How to Heal Yourself Naturally: 10 Steps to Wellness

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Series: Food Matters Live at Wanderlust | Episode: 17 | Runtime: 55m 09s | Release date: 2017

This segment features: Laurentine ten Bosch.

Believe that your body has self-healing powers!

Join James and Laurentine as they share 10 Steps to Wellness aimed at helping you learn the key principles to good health and natural healing so you can take control of your health. Regain vitality back in your life and break free from the chronic illnesses holding you back!

  • Step 1. Educate Yourself - Empowering yourself with knowledge.
  • Step 2. Detox Your Life - Do a detox at least once a year and remove allergens and additives.
  • Step 3. Upgrade Your Diet - Eat to cleanse, not to clog.
  • Step 4. Create Your Own Home Medicine Kit - Superfoods, Herbs & Essential Oils. Therapeutic Supplements.
  • Step 5. Heal Your Gut - Fermented Foods & Beverages. Probiotic Supplements.
  • Step 6. Hydrate Your Body - Start your day with a morning hydration ritual.
  • Step 7. Stress Reduction - Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork.
  • Step 8. Emotional Healing - Access the most important part of your mind.
  • Step 9. Get Your Teeth Right - Remove amalgam fillings that can cause major problems in our body.
  • Step 10. Rewild Yourself - Eat more raw and wild food. Spend time in nature!


James Colquhoun
Laurentine ten Bosch


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