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Fertility: A Shared Journey

Runtime: 80m 27s | Release date: 2016

Women around the world are delaying pregnancy until their late 30's and early 40's and are finding it difficult to become pregnant. So they turn to the most invasive methods of medicine right away without further investigating how to get their own body into the best possible shape, changing their diet and enlisting the proper, less invasive, practitioner to help. We do not know the long-term implications of using fertility drugs and in vitro fertilization: those studies just have not been done. In our film, we present a well-rounded picture of using a more gentle and effective approach as opposed to harsh and low yield methods of medicine. However, we're not telling women to not utilize medical methods, if necessary.

Dr. Zvi Binor
Dr. Anthony Caruso
Dr. Robert LaCava
Dr. Skip Hart
Sarah Lange Pomaro
Thomas Myers
Hillary Brown Kieser
Bobbi Jo Bush


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