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Dr. Richard Porter

Series: The Face Of Birth Experts | Episode: 3 | Runtime: 18m 10s | Release date: 2012

Featuring some of the world's top childbirth experts from Australia, the UK and the USA. They share their knowledge and expertise.

Informative, challenging and inspiring, this series of interviews is a great resource for maternity professionals, and is instructive viewing for anyone interested in evidence-based birthing practices today.

Be informed about the important issues surrounding childbirth, be empowered... Meet the Experts today.

This segment is part of The Face Of Birth Expert Interviews.

Dr. Richard Porter


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Heather Moll | 4 years, 1 month ago
This is a wonderful doctor with great wisdom. I am a midwife and childbirth educator from Palo Alto California and delivered babies at home in the heart of Silicon Valley for over 30 years. I also helped as a Doula in Stanford Hospital and felt so alone in my viewpoint of the natural birth process so many times! I just wish I had Dr. Porter with his wonderful and very sane viewpoint there.
He had the vision to see past his obstetrical training and learn from the laboring woman. Thank you. Heather Moll

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