FMTV - Burzynski Part 2

Burzynski Part 2

Runtime: 106m 29s | Release date: 2013

In the compelling follow-up to the internationally award-winning documentary,'Burzynski: the Movie', Part II explores the current status of Antineoplastons' clinical testing sanctioned by the United States Food & Drug Administration and features a modern story of the struggling journeys of cancer patients being treated today at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.

For most patients undergoing Burzynski's treatment, their advanced cancer itself runs secondary to the constant barrage of skepticism coming not only from their local oncologists, but also from friends and family who feel their loved ones are making suspect treatment decisions - even though mainstream oncology has already left many for dead.

As the story unfolds, you will observe a real-time change of hearts and minds from many of these doctors and families. Unlike the first documentary, Part II showcases interviews with board-certified oncologists, surgeons and neurosurgeons who witnessed patients leave their care, soon to return in great health after opting for the Burzynski Clinic.

Since the mapping of the Cancer Genome, Burzynski has pioneered an expansion of his therapy, which he calls "Personalized Gene-Targeted Cancer Therapy", where each patient's Genomic Cancer Atlas is mapped and a treatment regimen is personally tailored for each individual patient - vs. the conveyor belt, "one-size-fits-all" approach that current oncology adheres to.

Due to the slow-moving, bureaucratic obstacles enforced on Antineoplastons by America's FDA, this new, expanded, "personalized gene-targeted" direction has allowed more patients (who are denied access to Antineoplastons) to benefit from Burzynski's practice in ways never before thought possible. And yet still with similar resistance and controversy endured by Burzynski's Antineoplaston therapy.

The film also takes you to Kurume University in Fukuoka, Japan where independently designed studies of Antineoplastons have been underway for 27 years without Dr. Burzynski's (the inventor's) involvement or supervision. Learn how this team of Japanese pathologists, oncologists and surgeons have studied these anti-cancer compounds using their own methodologies -resulting in the first ever, independently-run, randomized, controlled clinical trials.

Stanislaw Burzynski
Alejandro Marquis
Christopher Chandler
Pat Clarkson
Pete Cohen
Laura Fay Hymas
John James
Juan Martinez-Canaca
Chris Onuekwusi
Amelia Saunders
Frederick Shedd
Vanessa Shedd
Mark Wheeler
Bettye Wright


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David Brewer | 12 months ago
I was living in Houston when the Burzynski trials took place in the '90s and were featured on the nightly news. Former patients turned out in droves to plead for the government to stop their witch hunt and to not sentence their loved ones to a certain death. Burzynski is a just later chapter in this ongoing effort to suppress any effective treatment that will reduce profits in an industry that exists and is structured for profits above all else. This behavior of stamping out any "unapproved" therapies that actually cure the disease, as opposed to treating it to death, has been the standard response starting with the harassment of Rene Caisse in Canada between 1920 and 1960, Harry Hoxie in Texas from the 1940's on, and the Gerson's in a similar timeframe. The latter two clinics moved to Mexico where they routinely help patients that could only expect to be further damaged in the United States medical system. The Pharmaceutical Industry has become the new 3rd Reich and the FDA (as well as the CDC) their jack boot SS troops. Until we, as voters and tax payers, take back our rights to freedom of choice, we will get nothing but more of the same, while subsidizing the tyrants that control the system. While doctors that blindly accept the status quo must be considered complicit, most are handcuffed by a system that rewards obedience and punishes dissent and innovation. Doctors as a class are generally compassionate and caring individuals, but they are products of a broken system. As citizens, we must change the terrain where this medical mafia has been allowed to exist and flourish. If people, on a massive scale (even globally) do not demand their rights in a highly vocal and organized way, they will never be heard over the deafening noise of Pharma lobbies in governments. The sad truth is that money talks, captures regulatory agencies, and will continue to be the only voice heard in the halls of power. Nothing will change until enough people get together to silence greed and demand a level playing field that focuses on finding cures rather than perpetual research for producing endless treatments, each no more effective than the last. If this is something that matters to you, look for documentaries (TTAC, TTAV) by Ty Bollinger and his group. When better informed, you will have the option to become an active part of the solution rather than a passive part of the problem. If informed people could propagate at the same never-ending rate of cancer cells, we could change this situation and the fates of many. So, change your mental DNA with information, and fire the passions of other people around you until the voice of the people drowns out the sounds of millions of cash register terminals ringing up pharmaceutical sales. Sorry for the rant, but my father is dying of stage 4 cancer and the last few months have been a journey to understand the medical landscape, and unfortunately, it is rather bleak for all conventional medicine. On the other hand, it's quite bright for alternative medicine, when you can find it available.
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Bharti Patel | 2 years, 7 months ago
Really interesting documentaries - after watching the first one had to watch the the other. A curative treatment without side effects should be offered but sadly withheld for the masses. That's the might of the Pharmas & the FDA and their profits💰. What happened to humanitarianism 😔
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Carl Wirtz | 2 years, 8 months ago
I am deeply saddened that curative treatments are being suppressed. I'm speechless. I pray for our world and for massive changes at the FDA.
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Kristen Park | 2 years, 8 months ago
How sad, and how shocking! I think there is hysteria in the cancer world over alternative cancer treatments. It starts with the drug companies, and many other people are influenced by it.
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Jasmin Habelito | FMTV | 2 years, 8 months ago
Hi Kristen! Thanks for your feedback. The film shows us how an individual with the illness to take care of their own health, not to the doctor. Truly educational! ~ Jasmin
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Tania Baxter | 2 years, 9 months ago
Outstanding documentary
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Wendy Caughley | 2 years, 11 months ago
This is appalling and that poor young woman's oncologist should've been struck off!
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Natalie | 3 years, 3 months ago
Sad to see Laura Hymas passed away - her tumour came back and she was denied treatment.
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Christine | 3 years, 3 months ago
Thank-you for making this documentary, it is both inspiring and disheartening. How can one group of people as the FDA have so much power over the lives of people, giving them (FDA) the last say as to who is worthy and who isn't . Fear is a powerful emotion and it is truly documented here. Dr Bruzynski is doing truly blessed work, and I'm sure he could find somewhere else in the world that would show him the respect and admiration he deserves.
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Cinda Bailey | 3 years, 7 months ago