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FMTV - Beyond the Autism Spectrum

Beyond the Autism Spectrum

Available February 22

Runtime: 82m 38s | Release date: 2017

When their two-year-old son, Oskar, is diagnosed with severe autism, Carly and Stef drop everything for a year to focus on his treatment. Previously, Carly’s oldest son was also diagnosed as autistic and by changing his diet and using other therapies, they were able to significantly improve his diagnosis.

But Oskar proves to be very different from his older brother and progress seems fleeting to non-existent. As well as juggling Oskar’s treatment and therapies, Carly and Stef also have three other children to care for. They find themselves tested in ways they never expected, forced to rethink everything.

As they strive to connect with Oskar, they must confront an impossible question: should they try to change him or accept their son just the way he is? Several adults with autism, including Temple Grandin, share their personal experiences and help us gain insight into Oskar’s world.

Temple Grandin


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