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FMTV - Average Joe On The Raw

Average Joe On The Raw

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Runtime: 68m 34s | Release date: 2011

An Average Joe tries reversing 30 years of the standard American diet and bad eating habits by eating a clean raw vegan diet for 60 days.

Average Joe On The Raw is about a guy named Seth that goes straight from SAD (Standard American Diet) to RAW Vegan for 60 days. He’s not overweight, sick, or dying, but he’s not optimal either and wants to make a change. A visit to Dr. Tibbels shows he has several deficiencies, with B-12 being the most interesting one as Seth has, by his own admission, eaten nothing but meat and dairy the past 90 days. B-12 is supposed to come from animal sources. This documentary makes raw food and the results look fun! This film is highly recommended if you want to see raw up close and personal and get some great information.


Seth Hayhurst
Russell James
Paul Risse
Penni Shelton
Perry Chen
Paul McCabe


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