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FMTV - 100 Days In The Raw

100 Days In The Raw

Runtime: 86m 46s | Release date: 2015

This film features: David Wolfe.

After a devastating breast cancer diagnosis followed by a lumpectomy, mastectomy and two years of breast reconstruction surgery and recovery, filmmaker Tracy Sabeti makes the decision to take full responsibility for her health. Joined by five friends, each dealing with their own health issues, they embark on a 100-day journey vowing to eat only raw, vegan food.


  • Please be advised that although we feel there are important messages in this film, we also acknowledge that there may be conflicting ideologies that challenge beliefs. We like to encourage our viewers to do their own diligent research to determine which is the right approach for them as we regard nutrition and health as being highly individualized and not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Additionally, the following footage contains graphic imagery that may be disturbing /upsetting to some viewers.


David Wolfe
Amy Jean Davis
Tracy Sabeti        
Mimi Kirk
Fedele Bauccio
Jenny Ross
Lauren Birnbryer


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Louise | 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Very interested to see the study that proved bananas (particularly ripe bananas with brown spots) contain TNF to fight cancer. As far as I know plants do not make/contain TNF. Very dubious. I really find the skeptical scientific claims in these types of documentaries off putting and dangerous in their information.
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kristy perkins | 3 weeks, 2 days ago
!00 Day in the Raw ... and they take you to a cattle / meat producer. Seriously, what does that have to do with being raw? The documentary is unfocused and poorly done.
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Hadiyah Muhammad | 1 month, 2 weeks ago
I enjoyed watching the video! I am inspired as I embark on another more deeper level of eating cleaner and healthier.
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Ivory David | FMTV | 1 month, 2 weeks ago
All the best in your journey to health and wellness Hadiyah ~ Ivory :)
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Wendy Todd | 2 months ago
Robin has a point about FMTV’s video player. It could be improved and this app could offer a way to download and watch offline within the app. I would love it if FMTV upgraded their video player. I understand the technical issues and that it’s the player which is the main problem. Please upgrade for a better experience FMTV! :)
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Pauline Balidiong | FMTV | 2 months ago
Thank you, Wendy for this feedback. This will be passed on to the team :) ~ Pauline
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Jan Saunders | 6 months, 2 weeks ago
Loved this but made me sad that near the end that the beef cattle producer said about their slaughter... these people clearly feel empathy for the cows and yet they justify killing them and make it better by “respecting” them... the woman gets it innately yet stays in denial by saying it’s part of life cycle...which it is not. Whether an animal is stressed in the lead up to slaughter or not, if we wouldn’t kill a dog or cat or horse for their flesh why do we continue to justify it for cattle who are all equally as aware and in love with their life.
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HELEN BOYD | 8 months, 3 weeks ago
Thoroughly enjoyed this documentary, I would love to try raw vegan, just not sure if I could manage it, and not sure why I even think that.!
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Karelle | FMTV | 8 months, 3 weeks ago
Baby steps, Helen. Going raw vegan can be quite challenging but you can definitely do it! You might also find this series helpful: https://www.fmtv.com/watch/starting-out-on-the-raw-food-diet. ~ Karelle
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Robin Bradley | 11 months ago
I have remembered why I originally unsubscribed from FMTV,; the films keep hanging. Three minutes into this one and it stoped.Ten minutes later it started again for a few seconds and stopped again. I have just tried watching programmes on YouTube and the BBC and no problems at all.I am not technical so please could you explain to me why this happened and what I have to do to get FMTV films to work for me? Thank you.

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