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50+ Inspirational Documentary Films | 50+ Expert Interviews | 100% Free & Online

Your total mind-body guide to healing, happiness and living pain free!
March 20 - 31, 2019

Expert Interviews with...

Jon GabrielJon Gabriel
The Power of Visualization for Weight Loss and Body Transformation
Dr. Josh AxeDr. Josh Axe
How to Prevent & Reverse Autoimmune Disease
Wim HofWim Hof
Using Breathwork to Make You Stronger & Calmer
Dr. Libby WeaverDr. Libby Weaver
Hormones, Stress, Weight Loss & the Art of Managing It All
Bruce LiptonBruce Lipton
The Power of Belief to Transform Your Life & Health
Gabrielle BernsteinGabrielle Bernstein
Healing Trauma & Turning Fear into Faith
Chris WarkChris Wark
How Chris Beat Cancer Holistically
Stig SeverinsonStig Severinson
What I Learnt Holding My Breath for 22 Minute
Dr. Tom O’BryanDr. Tom O’Bryan
How Gluten Affects Your Mood, Skin & Gut with Tom
Dr. Mark HymanDr. Mark Hyman
The Truth about Sugar, Fat & What Is a Healthy Diet
Joe CrossJoe Cross
Running Back to Mother Earth to Reboot Your Health
David WolfeDavid Wolfe
How To Detox Your Body and Lose Weight Naturally
Marie ForleoMarie Forleo
How I Overcame my Limiting Beliefs & Started My Own Business
Andrew SaulAndrew Saul
How to Treat Depression Naturally Through Nutrition
Ocean RobbinsOcean Robbins
Making Conscious Food Choices
Koya WebbKoya Webb
How Yoga, Meditation & Going Vegan Transformed My Life
Lewis HowesLewis Howes
How I Turned My Defeat Into a Success Story
Philip McKernanPhilip McKernan
How to Find Your Gift & Live a Meaningful Life
Dean KarnazesDean Karnazes
50 Marathons, 50 States, 50 Days; Making the Impossible Possible
Joe DispenzaJoe Dispenza
How Your Thoughts & Emotions Can Shape Your Life
John RobbinsJohn Robbins
How to Live a Longer, Happier & More Purposeful Life
Sean StephensonSean Stephenson
How to Set Yourself Free From Pain & Misery
Ty BollingerTy Bollinger
The Truth About Cancer


Have you ever tried to transform your life in some way, but found yourself reverting back to your old habits?

We get it. Health is not always an easy journey, in fact it can be downright confusing at times. That’s why this year we’ve put together the best selection of inspirational health & wellness documentaries and groundbreaking expert interviews to help you learn how to heal your body naturally, discover a whole new perspective on health, gain the confidence and clarity to build the life of your dreams, and unleash a radiance and vitality you’ve never experienced before. During this free 10 day event you’ll have access to over 100 leading health expert interviews & life-changing documentaries.

This Free Online Event Will Help You To:

  • Detox your body naturally & easily
  • Reduce bloating and fatigue
  • Heal your gut naturally
  • Lose weight & keep it off
  • Reduce stress & release unwanted negative emotions
  • Naturally prevent & reverse chronic disease
  • Discover your true purpose and passion
  • Break free from food addictions
  • Reduce environmental toxins
  • Nourish your body with real food


Featuring the Following Free Interviews

Featuring the Following Free Documentaries


Total Wellness Summit Online Schedule

DAY 1 - MARCH 20

How to Detox Your Body & Lose Weight Naturally

Hungry for change? Break free from sugar addictions, food cravings, and discover the secret diet traps the food industry uses to keep you coming back for more.

DAY 2 - MARCH 21

Healing Your Gut Naturally

Learn how to nourish and protect one of the most foundational components of your health, and reduce your risk of common chronic diseases by learning to heal your gut naturally.

DAY 3 - MARCH 22

Stress Reduction & Breathwork

Uncover the simple yet effective secrets to reducing stress naturally and learn about the power of your own breath and why it’s so critical to your health and wellbeing.

DAY 4 - MARCH 23

Emotional Healing & Mind Body Medicine

Unlock your innate healing capacity by shifting limiting beliefs and releasing past traumas. Re-discover the mind body connection and the undeniable power of the mind to heal the body.

DAY 5 - MARCH 24

The Ancient Art of Using Food As Medicine

Food has been used as medicine for as long as humans have existed. Rediscover what is means to prevent and truly heal from the common cold to chronic diseases through the power of nutrition.

DAY 6 - MARCH 25

Freedom From Depression & Anxiety

Re-discover what it’s like to feel cheerful again and step off the emotional rollercoaster that’s holding you back from living a life that you truly love and deserve to live.

DAY 7 - MARCH 26

The Truth About Cancer & Natural Therapies

Take a closer look into mainstream cancer treatments and alternative treatments, and decide which one is right for you or a loved one

DAY 8 - MARCH 27

Eliminating Household Toxins & Healing With Essential Oils

Be proactive and clear out the toxic chemicals that are lurking in your own household, and uncover the natural alternatives to keep you & your family safe.

DAY 9 - MARCH 28

Manifesting Your Dream Life

Learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest and draw into your life those elements that you desire. See it, visualize it and attract it.

DAY 10 - MARCH 29

Uncovering Your Life's Purpose

Unsure how your life can make a difference? Find clarity and confidence to step into what you were born to do and discover your true happiness.


Eat This, Not That! [Wallchart]

Eat This, Not That!


Your Host...

10 years ago I was stuck trying to help my father reverse chronic disease, anxiety and depression. There was no clear path to healing, and no ‘one-stop-shop’ where I could get all the information we needed to help him heal.

This lead my wife and I to create the Food Matters film, and go on to create FMTV (which our members call the Netflix ® for health & wellness). Had I known back then all the teachers, experts and filmmakers that we have collated for you in this years Total Wellness Summit, my father's healing journey would have been a whole lot easier.

If you’re looking for a ‘magic pill’ this is not the place for you. We believe that lasting transformation comes from access to lifesaving information. So if you’re looking to learn and discover what it means to be truly happy, to have more peace in your life, and consciously work towards living a healthier life, I encourage you to join me for 10 days of transformational information and education that might just be the catalyst of change for you.

Here’s to living your best life.

James Colquhoun
James Colquhoun

James Colquhoun

Filmmaker of 'Food Matters', 'Hungry For Change' & 'Transcendence' and Founder of FMTV.

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