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Harmeet Singh | 4 years ago
Hi, Thanks for this valuable article. May I please ask you a question here?
There are some seeds/eatables that are warm and meant to be eaten in winters. Like almond, walnut, sesame seeds. while there are some seeds that are cooler and should be eaten in summers.
If seeds such as almonds are eaten too much in summers, they cause heat in the body which pops out later in the form of acne or some other problem.
Could you please tell are chia seeds a summer fruit/seed or a winter one in above context?
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S Farmer | 2 years, 8 months ago
I eat Chia seeds all year round and have never had any problem at all with using them, I hear what you are saying with almonds though especially, as I buy almond butter frequently, because its easier to digest than the hard nuts, but its quite addictive to say the least, and when i use to much it does give me acne