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7 Day Juice Challenge

8 Modules | 8 Videos | 2 Resources

So why take the 7 Day Juice Challenge?

I'm often asked to name one thing that can be done right away to get healthier. With respect to food choices, the best suggestion I have is to begin drinking freshly pressed vegetable juices. Drinking just one freshly pressed juice each day is a reliable way of infusing your body with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that can protect your cells against premature aging and disease.

Almost everyone who has studied nutrition can agree that freshly pressed vegetable juices are highly beneficial to human health. Yet few people drink them regularly.

Why? Making the time to drink vegetable juices isn’t a problem for most people. It’s the time needed to wash fresh vegetables, feed them through a good juicer, and clean the juicer afterward that prevents most people from making fresh juices a regular part of their lives.

When? Drink your juice at any time that works for you during the day but ideally first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. These juices are an addition to a healtlhy diet.

So the first step to incorporating juicing into your life is to fully understand how good it is for your health and why making time to do it daily is one of the best investments of your time - one that will be repaid many times over with rewards to your health!

It's time to get JUICY!

Join James Colquhoun as he takes you through each day of the juice challenge, explaining the ‘how-to’ and the ‘why it’s good for you’ for each of the recipes within the program. Begin with downloading the resources; ‘Shopping List’, ‘Juicer Equipment Guide’ and the ‘Juicing Tips For Beginners’. Then simply follow through the days of the challenge, incorporating 1 juice per day along with a well-balanced, wholesome diet loaded with color and variety!

The Juices In The Challenge:

  • Day 1: Detox: Super Detox Green Juice
  • Day 2: Purify: Blood Purifier Juice
  • Day 3: Nourish: Healthy Gut Green Juice
  • Day 4: Firm: Cellulite Purger Juice
  • Day 5: Invigorate: V Eight Juice
  • Day 6: Restore: Ginger Turmeric Shot
  • Day 7: Eliminate: Heavy Metal Detox Juice


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Victoria Rister | 2 weeks, 4 days ago | Edited 2 weeks, 2 days ago
Healthy gut green is delicious. Can practically feel it heading down to heal. Loving juicing! Definitely going to keep doing this! V eight juice great.
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Susan | 1 month, 2 weeks ago
The shopping list will not download
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Pauline Balidiong | FMTV | 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Hello Susan, sorry to know that. Please try again by using a different browser. I suggest you use Google Chrome. If you continue having trouble, please connect with us via email (info@fmtv.com) or via Live Chat :)
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Jessika Jackson | 1 month, 1 week ago
Same for me. Frustrating on an iPad. Should be able to download from the app if it’s given as option.

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Marie Dulaurent | 4 months, 1 week ago
What if I don't have turmeric root? Is turmeric powder ok to use?!
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Adriana Gramajo | 4 months, 1 week ago
Can I use these recipes to juice for 7 days? I mean no solids, just juices as a meal?
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Pauline Balidiong | FMTV | 4 months, 1 week ago
Hello Adriana, yes you can. You may also check other juice recipes here https://www.fmtv.com/juices :)
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Simone Guild | 4 months, 3 weeks ago
HI I have just bought a Vitamix but don't have a juicer. Can I use it instead of buying a juicer as well?
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Pauline Balidiong | FMTV | 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Hello Simone, you may want to follow the program to reap the benefits. We have a juicer buying guide that you can check here http://www.foodmatters.com/juicer-buying-guide You may also want to try this program while you don't have a juicer, yet: https://www.fmtv.com/programs/7-day-smoothie-challenge :)
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Shelley Moynihan | 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Hi FMTV could you please advise some articles on treating naturally IBS