11 Days of Meditation & Gratitude

13 Modules | 16 Videos | 1 Resource

Develop an attitude of gratitude; learn how to still your mind, access your higher conscious and tap into inner wisdom in just 11 days.

Scientific studies continue to confirm what yogis already know about meditation -- it positively alters our brain and helps us deal with emotional turmoil, anxiety, and physical pain (it's better than morphine).'Goodbye Medication, Hello Meditation’.

Do you often find yourself saying you don't have time to meditate?

We often hear people say they don’t have time to meditate. We all know it’s good for us but we mostly put ourselves last when it comes to self-care. How about building meditation into your morning or afternoon routine where you  give ourselves just 10-15 minutes a day to just ‘be present', to be still and to calm the mind. Use it to brighten your spirit in the morning or use it to help you fall asleep more peacefully at night. 

What if you can't meditate?

We often hear people say I’ve tried to meditate and it’s not for me because I just can’t seem to do it. The truth is, most people feel nervous about removing themselves from the noise and creating quiet; they are unsure of where the mind might wander. To make it super easy for you to get the hang of this nourishing practice we have hand selected guided meditations with a soothing voice leading you into deep stillness and relaxation. Lie down or sit up as you feel most comfortable and let us talk you through the experience every step of the way.

In this challenge, we will be complimenting the meditations with daily mantras and providing space to reflect on what you are grateful for each day (Download the 11 Day Meditation & Gratitude ebook from the resource section of the program)

Still on the fence because you've never tried meditating before?

If you've never practiced meditation, here are some really good reasons to give our 11 Days Of Meditation & Gratitude challenge a go. Science shows us that meditation can: 

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relax the mind (Yes, this means better sleep)
  • Elicit physical relaxation
  • Make your brain stronger and help you concentrate better
  • Lessen emotional tenacity
  • Improve breathing
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Lessen the feeling of pain
  • Help you develop the ability to reflect

We all know habits don’t just form overnight - we need to be persistent! Participating in this 11 days challenge is helping you on your way to start forming a habit and embed it into your daily routine. So join us for our Meditation & Gratitude Challenge and discover 11 short meditations that explore the practice.

The program includes traditional meditations such as Yoga Nidra and Kirtan Kriya and then propels you into contemporary meditation techniques with gratitude practices by Laurentine ten Bosch and Tom Cronin. After the 11 days you will be well versed in all different types, allowing you to find the practice that suits you best. To complement each day’s meditation we recommend you download the e-book, which can be found in the Resources section of the program. In this book you will find a schedule for the challenge, which meditation will be on each day, and a hand-picked daily mantra to match the practice. You’ll also have space to jot down notes, reflections or, if you are feeling creative, write your own mantra!

Once you’ve found a dedicated zen place, let’s begin!

Looking to deepen your practice? Maybe you are interested in one of our films about meditation and gratitude. We’ve selected 4 of our favorite films on the topic to help you deep dive into the world of mindfulness and take your health to the next level. These films are found in our additional Watch section of the program.  Watch a couple or watch them all during our 11 Day Meditation & Gratitude Challenge.

This program is provided for your general information only and is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional advice, particularly medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should always seek medical advice from a qualified health practitioner which takes into account your personal circumstances, general health and medical conditions. Read more

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Mary J Ames Brown | 1 day, 8 hours ago
Lovely meditation today. One doesn’t;t realize, until focused on it, how much there is to be grateful for each day.
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Karelle | FMTV | 1 day, 1 hour ago
You can say that again, Mary! :) ~ Karelle@FMTV
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Mary J Ames Brown | 4 days, 5 hours ago
I enjoy the daily mantra featured in this program. It is a nice reminder of some positive thoughts I am able to focus my intention on throughout the day.
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Pauline Balidiong | FMTV | 4 days ago
Good job, Mary! Keep it up! :) ~ Pauline@FMTV
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Marlene Gallant-Burt | 5 days, 2 hours ago
Day 3 Healing Meditation is easily my favourite meditation ever done. This one was part of the 2019 Meditation Summit as well and that was my first experience with it. Could do this meditation every single day.
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Ivory David | FMTV | 5 days, 2 hours ago
So happy you are having a great time doing this meditation Marlene, keep practicing! ~ Ivory@FMTV
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Laura K | 1 week ago
It is Canadian Thanksgiving and I am grateful for the life-changing and affirming experiences I had during the 2019 meditation summit. I am greatly looking forward to continuing on this exciting new journey. Thank you for this opportunity!
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Jasmin Habelito | FMTV | 5 days, 21 hours ago
Thanks, Laura! Keep it up and we will be here along the way! ~ Jasmin :)
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Mary J Ames Brown | 1 week, 4 days ago
After joining the 2019 meditation summit on the 1st of October, and becoming a member of FMTV, I have become addicted to the inner state and feelings i have experienced because of the meditation. I have noticed a difference in my life in just 10 days. I have committed and challenged myself to completing 365 days of meditation, today is my 11th straight day. I’m excited to try each and every meditation in the FMTV resources!
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Karelle | FMTV | 1 week, 4 days ago
Yay! We're so happy to hear that, Mary! :) ~ Karelle@FMTV

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