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Food Matters TV Affiliate Program

What is Food Matters TV?

Food Matters TV (FMTV) is an online-streaming video channel with the world’s best health and wellness documentaries. We personally search the globe for the most influential and life-changing films and add them to our ever growing collection of 1000+ inspiring videos. We have everything health and wellness including yoga & meditation videos, recipe series, online guides health programs and expert interviews.

The demand for health and wellness education is quickly growing and our industry has exploded in the past decade which is why we created FMTV. A place to house as much valuable, inspiring and insightful education as possible to empower individuals to take their health into their own hands.

Our affiliate program is a unique way for your business to earn uncapped revenue while helping to spread the message of health and wellness. It’s also how you can be a 50/50 partner in a subscription business, without having to build it or do any of the work yourself!

At Food Matters TV we embrace a dynamic and non-traditional approach to marketing. This allows us to invite like-minded companies, organizations and individuals to join us in raising awareness about the importance of lifesaving nutritional information to millions of people across the globe.

If you are a website owner/blogger, run your business from the online space, you will be familiar with online affiliate /partnership marketing and the power it can have to generate income and strengthen your brand’s integrity online.

Positive Health Transformation
Through the Power
of Partnership

We are looking for people like you to join our journey and help spread the message about the hundreds of health and wellness videos that are all in one place, inside FMTV. It is the ultimate health film library at people’s fingertips. It’s important to build strong relationships in the online world and at FMTV we are looking for other like-minded people that share our beliefs and values.

Apply now to join our online partnership program and start earning commission straight away! We adore our affiliates and treat each one with the love and respect they deserve!

so let us ask

Are you helping to spread the message of health and wellness to enhance people's lives?


5 Reasons you’llPartnering with FMTV

A Premium Online Streaming
Platform People Love!

FMTV is home to over 1000+ hand-selected health and wellness films, that have received the Food Matters tick of approval. We’re serious about quality and creating the best user experience possible. As an FMTV affiliate, you will be able to share the amazing films of FMTV and keep the integrity of your brand boosted and buzzing with exciting offers.


The FMTV affiliate program is a refreshing way for your website/blog to link to a high-quality online subscription channel that is loved by thousands of people across the world. We believe in only providing the best information and videos for our customers and we know you do too!!

High Commissions On The Lifetime of Your Customers Paid Out On Time

We know the worth of our affiliate partners and that's why we offer an exceptionally high commission on subscriptions to FMTV. We want to keep you happy and engaged with us and make you feel appreciated!


There are two membership options inside FMTV including a monthly option and an annual option. When one of your leads signs up for FMTV, you will earn 50% commission for the lifetime of your customer! We’ll send you payments every 6 months, even 2 years after promoting. Hello, passive income!

Easy Sign-Up and
State of The Art Tracking System

Time is money and we know you don't want to waste hours getting set up as an affiliate! That's why we offer a quick and simple sign-up process that will have you earning commission right away!


We also want you to have confidence with our online partnership, which is why we have invested in the number one affiliate software, HasOffers. It provides you with accurate and dynamic statistics that will show you exactly how your promotions are doing and show you exactly how many clicks, sales, and conversions you have created.

Content That is Compelling
and Engaging

With so much noise on the internet it's important to gain the attention of your customers and stand out from the crowd! We have a highly experienced in-house content & marketing team that is addicted to digital marketing and understands great content, to keep customers active and engaged.


For any special launches we will provide you with beautifully designed banners, creative swipe copy, social postcards for Facebook, inspiring in-house produced videos and other valuable content to send to your list to have them wanting more!

Superior Customer Service
(With Lots Of Love!)

You want to send your customers to companies that care about your most prized assets (your customers)! At FMTV we love all of our customers and are committed to providing the best experience ever. Our happy and energetic customer service team is always on hand to help out and take care of any questions that need answering. We always have a dedicated and experienced team member to answer any of your customers questions with a 24/7 online chat.


We ensure everyone is responded to in a timely manner and feels like our most important customer. Your customers will be in the best hands possible and treated with utmost respect.

Ready to Become a Food Matters TV Affiliate Partner?

If you're ready, we're ready. Click below and we’ll see you on the inside!


With respect,

James Colquhoun Filmmaker - 'Food Matters' & 'Hungry For Change'

Still have a question? Email our affiliate team at

*The average lifetime of an FMTV Member is $154. The earnings are consistent with the clicks. As the lifetime value of the customer grows, your earnings per customer and therefore clicks grow as well. We also operate on a last-cookie basis, which means that you can still jump in later in the launch to participate.
- Partners who have sent 35,000 clicks earn over $50K within 3 years
- Partners who have sent 80,000 clicks earn over $115K within 3 years.