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Unsupersize Me

Runtime: 76m 25s
Release date: 2013

Unsupersize Me documents the inspiring story of Juan-Carlos Asse, owner of Zen Fitness, a personal training studio in Gainesville, Florida, and his quest to prove that a whole foods, plant-based diet coupled with an exercise regimen is capable of remarkably and rapidly improving the health of any and every individual. Asse takes his lifelong passions of fitness and nutrition out to demonstrate what he has witnessed in his training studio time and time again. The plant-based diet with exercise is the most effective and expeditious way to obtain optimal health.

Asse embarks on a journey with Tracy Ryan, a woman who has been morbidly obese her entire life, guiding her from poor health to a new life - one she could have never envisioned. Watch the amazing transformation as Ryan loses 200 pounds in a single year! The film reveals an interesting twist divulging Asse's past, a seven year sentence served in federal prison for drug charges. While in prison, Asse committed himself to the study and mastery of nutrition and fitness. He uses his incarceration experience to help motivate Ryan. Ryan, once entrapped by her own unhealthy body, escapes her imprisonment and ultimately regains her life. Ryan metamorphoses from a 345 lb. inactive woman burdened by her weight to a healthy, active woman climbing mountains and running half marathons; a woman living life to its fullest.


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