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Are you strapped for time or lacking inspiration when you open your refrigerator? Wouldn’t it be great to create quick and healthy meals that didn’t cost you a small fortune?

We’ve brought together some of the world’s best health food chefs to create recipe segments that are easy to follow and taste amazing.

Unleash your inner warrior and find your strength.

Sometimes life gets crazy and you don’t have time to get outside and exercise. So why not just log in to FMTV and select a quick yoga sequence.

You’ll be surprised by how much difference even a short 10 minute session can make to your daily health and wellness.

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From extended interviews, to live calls with the experts, it’s all happening inside FMTV! Being part of FMTV not only gives you access to a growing library of over 1400 health and wellness films and classes.

You also get access to extended lectures and exclusive interviews with the world’s leading health experts. Learn from the best so that you can be your best!

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Ready to make a change but not sure where to start? Take your pick from a range of inspiring educational and guided programs tailored to your specific goals. We’ll support and empower you to improve your health and be the best you can be. These programs are all hosted inside FMTV and include meal plans, shopping lists, progress trackers and private Facebook group support. You can start anytime you like or join one of our ‘start together, finish together’ group programs.

6 Modules

23 Videos

1 Resource

5 Day Raw Food Challenge

Have you ever want to experiment with the raw food diet but just don’t know where to start? Join us for a 5 Day Raw Food Challenge.

12 Modules

24 Videos

1 Resource

12 Days of Abundance

Put 'The Abundance Code' Into Action In Your Life! In just 12 days you’ll discover how to overwrite your beliefs in scarcity and really turbo-charge your mindset for abundance and success.

8 Modules

15 Videos

0 Resource

7 Day Yoga Challenge

Beginner or advanced, this 7-day yoga challenge is for all levels. Each day consists of 30-minute routines perfect for those who’ve never practiced before and want to learn the fundamentals of yoga and build...

14 Modules

51 Videos

2 Resources

10 Day Sleep & Stress Guided Program

In this program you will discover the tools and techniques to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and reduce your stress levels.

6 Modules

11 Videos

1 Resource

Detox & Cleanse Workshop

Learn how to increase your energy, lose excess weight & feel incredible in your body again with inspiring documentaries & educational interviews.

10 Modules

66 Videos

1 Resource

7 Day Food Matters Cleanse

Are you ready for 7 days of juices, smoothies & soups? We provide you with the 7 day meal plan & shopping list and optional light exercise and yoga classes. 100% plant-based nutritionally balanced meals!

24 Modules

145 Videos

4 Resources

21-Day Food Matters Program

Transform your health & life with this guided online mind & body program. You’ll get daily meal plans and shopping lists plus yoga and mindset exercises to help you make a true transformation in 21 days.

4 Modules

7 Videos

2 Resources

Baby Matters

James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch share their personal birth experience from pre-conception to nourishing your body during gestation, the delivery and postpartum.

12 Modules

36 Videos

1 Resource

Heal Yourself Masterclass

Heal Yourself Masterclass is the culmination of the Food Matters healing philosophy aimed at helping you learn the key principles to good health and natural healing so you can take control of your health.

11 Modules

55 Videos

15 Resources

Beauty, Skin & Gut Summit

The Beauty Skin Gut Summit will help you discover a world of more self-love, radiance, ultra-health, and natural good looks! With 40+ life-changing videos, including amazing expert interviews, documentaries,...

32 Modules

32 Videos

2 Resources

The Healthy Gut Summit

The Healthy Gut Summit brings together the world's leading experts in nutrition and wellness to discuss all things gut health. The summit includes 20 presentations hosted by body ecologist Donna Gates.

12 Modules

14 Videos

2 Resources

The Quest For Cures Continues

This 11-part docu-series lays the foundation as to why cancer has reached epidemic proportions worldwide and why the current treatment model isn't working. You’ll learn the truth about cancer so that you can...

8 Modules

8 Videos

2 Resources

7 Day Juice Challenge

Are you ready to get juicy? We challenge you to the Hurom ‘7 Day Juice Challenge’ hosted by James Colquhoun from Food Matters.

8 Modules

8 Videos

1 Resource

7 Day Smoothie Challenge

Are you ready to blast your way to health? The 7 Day NutriBullet Smoothie Challenge will kick-start your journey to health and inspire you to flourish with a healthy lifestyle.

10 Modules

40 Videos

0 Resource

Total Wellness Summit

The Total Wellness Summit will help you discover a whole new perspective on health, with access to 40+ videos, 10 global health experts, life-changing documentaries, nourishing recipes, yoga classes, guided ...

4 Modules

31 Videos

3 Resources

3 Day Detox

Are you looking for a quick way to kick-start your health, boost your energy and lose some unwanted pounds? This guided detox has been designed to be quick & easy and allow you to feel the full benefits in j...

"Think of it as the Netflix® for health-related documentaries" Joe Cross
"Think spiritual Netflix, Amazon wellness, think awesomeness" Kris Carr
"FMTV is an indispensable source of informative and professionally produced documentaries" Dr Mercola

Get healthy and stay healthy!

We’re more than a streaming TV channel. You could even see us as your own online nutritionist guiding you on your health journey. Inside FMTV you’ll find the tools, education, inspiration and guided programs to help you get healthy and stay healthy! Whether you want to do a detox, learn about natural treatments for cancer, depression or chronic illness or learn about healthy rituals to reduce stress, calm the body and sleep better. There is something for everyone.

Be Inspired To Live Healthy

Lacking inspiration? Find all you need to kickstart your wellness goals

Deepen My Yoga Practice

Discover simple morning rituals to transform your day and life!

Develop A Healthy Morning Ritual

Discover simple morning rituals to transform your day and life!

Discover Alternative Cancer Treatments

Because and education decision is the best decision.

Discover Quick & Healthy Recipes

Healthy eating made easy with simple ingredients and lots of flavor.

Do A Detox

Discover age-old detox and fasting strategies that work...

Explore Alternative Healing Modalities

Looking for alternative answers to chronic illness? Start here.

Find Out What's Making Me Sick

Find out what's making us sick and how to fix it...

Have A Healthy Pregnancy & Birth

Find out the latest natural birthing options for healthy babies

Heal Myself Naturally

Learn how you can heal your body from the inside out

Improve My Heart Health

Discover natural solutions to support your heart and ward off chronic disease

Improve My Posture

We all know we need it, here's how to do it!

Keep My Kids Healthy

It all starts with the next generation! Let's get healthy.

Lose Weight

Find out how to transform your body naturally...

Reduce Stress In My Life

Tune out from stress and overwhelm with these instructional videos

Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Control your blood sugar naturally, start watching now.

Start An Edible Garden

Want to ignite your green thumb? Learn how to prepare home-grown goodness

Treat Depression Naturally

Depression and anxiety are on the rise.

Uncover My Life Purpose

Because it pays to know where to go!

Watch Family Friendly Movies

Get the whole family involved with these family friendly educational films

Press play and watch your health transform

James and Laurentine

James & Laurentine
Filmmakers 'Food Matters' & 'Hungry For Change'

We started this journey back in 2007 to help heal my father. Our first film Food Matters became the catalyst for his transformation, helping him reverse chronic illness, get off 6 different prescription medications and reclaim his health.

Since that time we’ve helped inspire millions of people around the world through the power of real food and activating the body’s own innate healing capacity.

It was through this journey that Food Matters TV (FMTV) was born. An online home for everything health & wellness.

Go on, dig into a new documentary and expand your mind… start a juice cleanse… or roll out your yoga mat!

It’s all at your fingertips inside FMTV.


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Can I watch FMTV on my TV?
Yes you can. Simply use the Apple TV app, Roku app or HDMI cable from your computer to your TV.

Can I cancel anytime without having to contact support?
Yes you can. Simply use the account section of your FMTV login and follow the online prompts to cancel your account, or put it on hold, at anytime.

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Absolutely. From 5 minutes to 5 hours we’ve got you covered. You can filter our classes by time and also watch short films and interviews all the way up to feature length documentaries.

Do you provide any support for members?
Yes, absolutely. We have a buzzing private facebook group which is alive with pictures and posts from members plus support from the Food Matters team. Additionally we provide 24/7 live chat nutrition support and email support and we love hearing from you!

What devices can I watch FMTV on?
You can watch FMTV on our iPhone app, Apple TV app, iPad app and Roku device. We’re also coming soon to Android.

"Lunch ... Day 10. Kale Caesar Salad. Just finished devouring this and it is DIVINE!!! Thank you, FMTV for these scrumptious, healing recipes and to this great community for being here" Valerie Erwin
If I can offer some advice.... Forget the 10 day trial and just get your yearly membership now. Best decision we've made! Cable is out & @fmtv_official is in the house! We watch new stuff 3-4 times a week as a family. Love it. Thank you. Keep up the inspiring work! Tamara
My students loved the Hungry for Change movie and I'm looking forward to showing them Food Matters and many more. Thanks!!! S Jurgens
This is information that everyone should know! Thank you, thank you & thank you again for ALL of this information! I'm truly inspired! ♥ T Clark

Health inspiration anywhere, anytime.

Stream hundreds of health & wellness documentaries, recipe videos, yoga classes, expert interviews and more… on demand.

With new weekly releases you’ll never be short of health inspiration!