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Food Matters TV is an indispensable source of informative and professionally produced documentaries, covering some of the most pressing matters relating to health, happiness, and sustained life on Earth. Dr Mercola
I love what is happening at FMTV. There's a lot of junk out there in the media and these guys are curating the good stuff for us. It is a great concept and I really enjoy the experience. Pedram Shojai, OMD
Think of it as the Netflix® for health-related documentaries. Joe Cross
FMTV- the number one cause of health. Community Support. Education. Being able to see that somebody had it as bad as you, and was able to help themselves. WOWDavid Wolfe
Over the past year, they've completely transformed our accessibility to wellness leaders and ground-breaking ideas with their powerful online documentary films at Food Matters TV (FMTV). Think spiritual Netflix, Amazon wellness. Think awesomeness Kris Carr

All your favorite films in one place!

It's like Netflix® for health.

We started Food Matters back in 2007 to heal my father and fell in love with the power of real food and the body's own innate healing capacity.

It was through this love of knowledge that FMTV was born.

Go on, dig into a new documentary and expand your mind... start a juice cleanse... or roll out your yoga mat!

It's all at your fingertips inside FMTV.


Watch documentaries that get you excited about life!

Wouldn’t you like to finish a film and feel inspired to take action?

FMTV is more than just an online-streaming channel. It’s a destination where you can be guaranteed to find the best health documentaries out in the world. We personally search the globe for the most influential and life-changing films that exist because you deserve only the best!

Here’s just a few of the topics that the documentaries cover:

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Detox & Weight Loss
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Mind & Body
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • And many more!

You'll be creating quick & healthy meals in no time!

Impress your friends and family with how good healthy tastes.

Are you strapped for time or lacking inspiration when you open your refrigerator? Wouldn’t it be great to create quick and healthy meals that didn’t cost you a small fortune? We’ve brought together some of the world’s best health food chefs to create recipe segments that are easy to follow and taste amazing.

With a growing library of over 250 recipes, you’ll never be short of ideas for a healthy juice, smoothie, meal or snack.

Move your body & find your flow.

Unleash your inner warrior and find your strength.

Sometimes life gets crazy and you don’t have time to get outside and exercise. So why not just log in to FMTV and select a quick yoga sequence. You’ll be surprised by how much difference even a short 10 minute session can make to your daily health and wellness.

Flow with purpose in sequences specifically designed for:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Weight Loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Fitness
  • Chronic Pain
  • All stages of flexibility

Connect with the experts & ask your health questions

From extended interviews, to live calls with the experts, it’s all happening inside FMTV!

Being part of FMTV not only gives you access to a growing library of over 1000 health and wellness films and classes. You also get access to extended behind the scenes interviews with the world’s leading health experts. Plus VIP access to our live events, where your questions get priority!

Kris Carr, David Wolfe or another exciting expert could be personally answering your questions!

Health inspiration anytime, anywhere

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  • Interviews with leading health experts, plus
  • Guided detox programs, meal plans and more...

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Watch on your PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet & more

Watch on your TV using Roku


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