What is Roku?

ROKU is the simplest way to stream FMTV to your TV. All you need is a ROKU device, a TV and access to internet and you're on your way! Not only can you watch what you love on FMTV, when you want to- it gives you access to hundreds of free channels as well.

Roku streaming devices are available for sale in the USA, Canada, the UK and Ireland, but the service is accessible from all countries. Some channels on Roku are only available when browsing from certain countries. FMTV is available on all Roku devices, no matter where you are located.

How do I watch FMTV on my Roku device?

  • Set up your Roku device.
  • Find FMTV and add it as a channel - it is currently listed under 'Lifestyle'
  • If you are already an FMTV member, when you launch the FMTV channel on Roku, you can press the * button to log in with your existing FMTV username (your email address) and password.
  • If you are not yet an FMTV member, launch the FMTV Roku channel and select “Start Your Free Trial” from the main menu and follow the prompts. You can now visit the FMTV website and log in with your Roku user details.
That's it! You can now access FMTV via your Roku device and stream directly to your TV.

Don't have a Roku and want to purchase one?

You can easily purchase a Roku device from many retailers across the USA. If you would like to purchase a device online, you can pick up either the ROKU 3500R Streaming Stick (HDMI) or the ROKU 3 Streaming Media Player.