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We're working hard to bring you the following great titles on FMTV. If you love some of the these films please share a comment below to show your support for making them available. If you wish to suggest a film please let us know here.

Jun 21

Another World

63m 01s

ANOTHER WORLD is a transcendental pilgrimage of repossession and empowerment, asserting mankind as a conscious mankind ...

Jun 25


52m 05s

How would you feel about carrying your home in your pocket or having clothes to live ...

Jun 28

Yoga for Beginners with Julie Montagu

Episodes: 4

Yoga for Beginners is designed to build strength, flexibility, and stamina in the body while teaching ...

Jul 6



A new exploration into emotional stress and its undeniable impact on humanity, STRESSED explores exciting science ...

Jul 12

Salads in Abundance with Chef Cynthia Louise

Episodes: 8

Eating salads in abundance every day will become your health insurance.

Jul 18

Life Off Grid

1h 25m

Life Off Grid is a two-year journey exploring the lives of Canadians in every province and ...

Jul 19

Yoga Sequence of the Day with Yogi Nora

Episodes: 9

Our instructor, Nora, will share with you her personal sequences of the day. The series includes ...

Jul 26

Time is Art

Perhaps we can tap into a way of being that is not ruled by a finite ...

Jul 26

Meditations for Life with Koya Webb

Episodes: 3

Meditations for Life will change your life one breath at a time. Koya's relaxing voice will ...

Aug 9

Kids Can Save the Planet

Episodes: 3

At the age of 13, Dylan D'Haeze had a simple question. What happens when we throw ...

Aug 21

Oceans: The Mystery of the Missing Plastic


99% of the plastic that should be floating in the oceans is missing. Where are they? ...

Aug 30

Complete Yoga for Beginners with Koya Webb

Episodes: 3

Yoga expert and fitness guru, Koya Webb, has created the Complete Yoga for Beginners series to ...

Sep 18

Unsupersize Us


Filmmaker Juan-Carlos Asse takes five people suffering from health issues and puts them on a plant-based ...

Sep 20

Keeping it Real with Chef Shine

Episodes: 10

Are you looking for fresh, whole, real food recipes? You've come to the right place. Chef ...

Sep 24

Burkinabe Bounty

36m 37s

Burkinabè Bounty , a documentary from director Iara Lee, chronicles agricultural resistance and the fight for ...

Sep 27

7-Day Sculpt Series with Koya Webb

Episodes: 7

Koya's 7 Day Sculpt Series will get you in the best shape of your life! With ...

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