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Health inspiration, anytime, anywhere.

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Your personal health & wellness video streaming channel

Do you ever wish you could have someone helping you find the solutions to whatever health obstacles come your way?

We created FMTV to inspire you with:

70% Exclusive Health Documentaries

Hundreds of Quick & Easy Recipes

Exclusive 5 to 90 Minute Exercise Classes

Self Guided Programs

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Health Documentaries

Watch hundreds of exclusive health & wellness documentaries on demand. Select from a huge selection of categories that excite you, save your favorites, join in the discussion and take notes to read over later.

  • 70% Exclusive Health Documentaries
iPhone Documentaries

Healthy Recipes

Discover quick and easy meals your friends and family will love! No matter what your dietary requirements are (whether vegan, vegetarian, raw or paleo), our ‘how to’ videos will keep you inspired to eat healthy.

  • Hundreds of Quick & Easy Recipes
iPhone Recipes

Yoga And Exercise

Feel energized with easy to follow yoga, meditation and exercise classes. No matter what level of fitness or age, you’ll find the perfect movement for your body. Strapped for time? Try a quick 5 minute activity!

  • Exclusive 5 to 90 Minute Exercise Classes
iPad Yoga & Exercise

Guided Programs

Watch your health transform with our free guided programs. Track your progress, tick off your achievements, get daily guidance and access to exclusive downloads to help you along your journey.

  • Self Guided Programs
iPad Programs

Now Playing

Don’t feel like deciding what to watch or getting lost in the endless scroll? Tune in to "now playing" and stumble upon our featured documentaries. It’s like turning on the TV and instantly feeling inspired!

  • Press Play for Instant Inspiration
AppleTV Now Playing

I Want To...

Do you have specific health interests you want to learn more about? Simply select a category and we’ll suggest the perfect videos for you to watch!

  • Lose Weight, Heal Naturally, Reduce Stress & More!
AppleTV I Want To...

You Decide Where And When

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