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All your favorite films
in one place!

It's like Netflix® for health.

"Think of it as the Netflix® for health-related documentaries." Joe Cross
"FMTV- the number one cause of health. Community Support. Education. Being able to see that somebody had it as bad as you, and was able to help themselves. WOW"David Wolfe
"Over the past year, they've completely transformed our accessibility to wellness leaders and ground-breaking ideas with their powerful online documentary films at Food Matters TV (FMTV). Think spiritual Netflix, Amazon wellness. Think awesomeness" Kris Carr
FMTV dvds

Health & wellness documentaries, recipe videos & expert interviews.

We started Food Matters back in 2007 to heal my father and fell in love with the power of real food and the body's own innate healing capacity.

It was through this love of knowledge that FMTV was born.

Go on, dig into a new documentary and expand your mind... start a juice cleanse... or roll out your yoga mat!

It's all at your fingertips inside FMTV.


James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch
Filmmakers 'Food Matters' & 'Hungry For Change'
and founders of 'FMTV'


The Ultimate library, at your fingertips!

Stay inspired on your health journey and learn how to:

  • Improve your diet, health & wellbeing
  • Do a juice cleanse and detox
  • Prepare tasty and delicious meals
  • Heal your body with real whole foods & superfoods
  • Achieve your ideal weight naturally
FMTV Recipes

Recipe videos for the whole family!

Never be short of ideas for a healthy juice, smoothie, meal or snack! Impress your friends and family with how good healthy can taste.

Exclusive content

Exclusive films you won't find anywhere else!

Not every great film makes it to iTunes or Netflix or Hulu... Together, we're working with independent filmmakers the world over, bringing the greatest collection of high-quality unique health and wellness content to you inside FMTV.


Start watching FMTV today!

Inside FMTV you'll get:

- Inspirational health & wellness documentaries
- Extended interviews with leading health experts
- Over 70% unique content not on NetFlix or iTunes
- Fun and healthy recipe videos, and
- Yoga, exercise and meditation programs



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Questions? We have the answers!

What is ROKU?

ROKU is the simplest way to stream FMTV to your TV. All you need is a ROKU device, a TV and access to internet and you're on your way! Not only can you watch what you love on FMTV, when you want to- it gives you access to hundreds of other channels as well.

Can I share my login with my friends?

Your login is limited to 5 devices. Should you exceed this number, your account automatically goes into suspension and you will need to contact us to clear a device slot.

Can I download films and watch them later?

FMTV is a streaming-only service so you’ll need access to the internet at all times. If you do, however, hit play, and it loads the movie completely, you can play it back in your browser offline as long as that window remains open.

Is FMTV available in my country?

Yes, FMTV is available worldwide with over 90% of the content licensed for streaming in every country!

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