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Discover 7 Daily Habits & 4 Inspiring
Films to Transform Your Health in 2018!

Plus get instant access to a 'Make Your Own Vision Board' video with Laurentine from Food Matters!

Transform Your Health & Life In 2018!

Join us for a free worldwide online movie screening event plus access a 'Make Your Own Vision Board' video today.


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Does life continue to feel like it speeds up every year and you can't keep up? Now more than ever it is important to slow down during parts of our day to incorporate healthy habits so that we can be in our most successful, healthy, vibrant, and happy state of mind.

During this free online event, we will guide you on how to incorporate 7 simple daily habits easily into your life so you can truly make 2018 the best year you've ever had.

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James & Launrentine
James & Laurentine
Filmmaker 'Food Matters' & 'Hungry For Change'

EVENT ENDED What you'll get during this
FREE online event:

Make Your Own Vision Board

  • Learn how to set goals you will achieve
  • Find your true purpose
  • Develop a life visioning plan
  • Short guided meditation

7 Healthy Habits

  • How to improve your morning rituals
  • Simple, fast & easy habits to kickstart 2018
  • Why daily habits help transform your health and happiness

Hungry for Change

  • How to detox your body
  • The truth behind "FAT-FREE"
  • How to overcome food addictions
  • Why fad diets don't work
  • What food additives to avoid
  • How to eat for beauty

Food Matters

  • How to use food as medicine
  • Do vitamin supplements work?
  • How safe is our food?
  • Foods that fight anxiety
  • Natural therapies for cancer
  • Which drugs are harmful

May I Be Frank

  • A heart warming story of love & transformation
  • How 40 days of eating clean transformed Frank's life forever
  • How to incorporate laughter & joy into transformation

Unsupersize Me

  • How changing your diet can change your health
  • How one woman loses 200 pounds in a single year
  • Simple changes to diet & exercise that are easy & effective